Executive Council

NatLA LLC. (Natural Life Advantage) - a first rank health and wellness company

The NatLA Executive Council

Our mission statement is simple, NatLA is dedicated to the betterment and empowerment of individuals by bringing the highest quality products and a business opportunity to ensure a life changing experience, all while upholding our core principles of dignity, integrity and empathy.


Otto Gonzalez - President and CEO.

Otto has over 25 years in sales and marketing both on the field and in the management level. Prior to entering the Network Marketing arena Otto was a prominent producer in the insurance industry and later a TV personality where the accomplishments speak for itself, Otto has been nominated twice for EMMY awards both as Anchor and Reporter while working for the largest Hispanic TV group in the world, from there Otto became managing partner of Hispanic Media Worldwide where he oversaw the day to day operations of the radio station and Newspaper owned by the conglomerate including sales and programming.

Steve Williams - Vice President Encharged of International Operations & Global Logistics..

Steve Williams is responsible for Global Expansion and Logistics with special assignment as Director of Africa Affairs, reporting to the CEO and Founder Mr. Otto Gonzalez. His mandate is to effect growth by working closely with our International Country Managers and Independent Business Affiliates in a strategic and coordinative manner to achieve a larger international market share for Natla Global. Mr. Williams is responsible to appoint all of our International Country Managers, Facilitate the expansion of new markets and operational structures, Coordinate with all Country Managers to ensure quality and consistent delivery of products, and meet with the relevant Government Agencies as may be required. Before joining Natla Global he worked for Skinnybodycare in similar position for the past seven (7) years overseeing distribution and expansion in Africa, Europe, Asia, Caribbean, South and Central America. Mr. Williams has over Fifteen Years working in and out of the MLM Industry. Mr. Williams was born in Antigua and Barbuda and has lived and travelled between North and South America, and The Dominican Republic - A Hospitality professional with treachery level education where he worked in the Hospitality Industry in the capacities as Supervisor, Departmental Manager, and Executive Manager in several hotels, and Resorts, throughout the Caribbean.

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