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A wide variety of incredible products for you to choose from.

NatLa Global has brought together an incredible inventory of products that could help in a variety of way's throughout your life. We believe in sound products as the driving force of a successfull business, and the key to return customers.


We know that once you try one or more of our products, you will see just how great some of these products truly are, and no words can describe that experience of benefiting first hand from the quality and health benefits our products could potentially provide to you in your everyday life.


Ganopal is a patented blend of Ganoderma and Nopal, both this are considered two of the most medicinal herb and plant respectively earth can offer. Learn More

Gluco Kema

GLUCO-Kema is a combination of elements which are known to help lower and help control glucose levels Learn More

Intimate Spark

NatLa Global intimate spark is a 100% natural herbal compound which may help men and women improve their sexual performance and increase desire. Learn More


LIPO-Kema is the name we at Natla Global decided to give our unique blend of ingredients which make the most effective weight loss product that the market has ever seen. Learn More

Kiseki tea

A clean body is a healthy body. The problem is that with almost everything we eat, drink, and breathe Learn More

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